Alcohol Awareness Month Comes to an End

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Alcohol Awareness Month Comes to an End

As Alcohol Awareness Month 2015 comes to an end, we should not stop trying to raise awareness of alcohol and its effects. Being in the recovery community, we should all still be working on educating the public and reducing the stigma that comes with having an alcohol use disorder.

Over 17 million Americans have an alcohol use disorder. This is just one country. This disease affects people worldwide, yet it is not talked about. There is such a stigma attached to addiction and alcoholism that people are afraid to open up about their problems. Out of the millions affected by these diseases, only a handful get help.

If more people were willing to learn and talk about alcohol use disorders, the stigma would fade away. This would give courage to the millions of people who are too afraid to come forward with their problem. These people could then get help and lead happy and sober lives.

Let’s all try to continue the mission of Alcohol Awareness Month all year long.