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QualCare Health Plans for Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Seabrook® addiction rehab centers are proud to partner with QualCare’s out-of-network plans to provide drug rehab, alcohol detox and addiction recovery services. Most of the time, QualCare Health Plans cover all alcohol and drug rehab services at Seabrook’s primary care facility in NJ. Financial arrangements can be made for other services.

QualCare, Inc. is one of New Jersey’s leading health coverage providers. Serving the public and private marketplace as a quality alternative to commercial insurance companies, QualCare’s network includes over 100 acute, specialty and rehabilitation hospitals, as well as over 20,000 physicians and ancillary providers at 33,000 locations across New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

QualCare was founded in 1991 out of a consortium of hospital systems. More than 15 of NJ’s largest and most prestigious hospitals own and serve on QualCare’s board of directors. Supporting over 800,000 members spanning health systems, unions, local municipalities, school boards, small business and large corporations, QualCare is invested in the health and well-being of its beneficiaries.

Rehab Services by Seabrook & QualCare Health Plans

To learn more about QualCare Health Plans for addiction treatment or drug and alcohol recovery, call Seabrook’s 24-hour Helpline at (888) 223-0298. Our seasoned team verifies and explains insurance benefits, schedules your admission assessment and answers questions about self-payment options when insurance coverage is not an option.

We believe individuals are more likely to achieve sobriety success with a full continuum of care. Seabrook’s care continuum reduces the chance of relapse and prepares clients for a healthy return home. To inquire about insurance reimbursement or affordable self-pay options, call our Helpline:

phone  (888) 223-0298

Your new beginning starts here.