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Pennsville High School Addresses the Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol
Seabrook | 5 June

As prom season kicks into high gear, members of the Pennsville Memorial High School located in New Jersey took a

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Rock Star Speaks Out On Addiction
Seabrook | 4 June

Ocean County Officials reached out to Bon Jovi guitarist, Richie Sambora to help educate and inform members of the community

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The Reality of Drug Addiction
Seabrook | 3 June

No one wakes up one day and says, “Today, I will become addicted to drugs”. That isn’t how it happens.

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Veterans and Drugs
Seabrook | 2 June

Memorial Day just past, a day filled with celebrations, barbeques, fireworks and remembering those who serve and have served our

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Heroin Use Growing in the Pocono Region
Seabrook | 30 May

Whether it is a minor looking for their first high or an adult seeking pain relief, the number of people

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The Power of Positive Thinking
Seabrook | 29 May

Each day we all make choices. We choose what to have for breakfast, what outfit to wear and which route

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Pharmaceutical Companies Accused of Painkiller Deception
Seabrook | 28 May

Two California counties have filed a lawsuit accusing five drug companies of waging a campaign of deception to boost sales

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“Those whose approval you seek most give you the least.” -Maurice Chevalier
Seabrook | 25 May

There are many of us in recovery and life in general constantly seeking other people’s approval and always worrying, asking

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Listening Can Help
Seabrook | 24 May

Many people who know someone battling drug or alcohol addiction may think, “ there is nothing I can do to

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The Importance of Meetings
Seabrook | 23 May

Many people just starting out in the early stages of recovery may think, “why do I have to attend” these

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