National Drug Facts Week

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National Drug Facts Week

National Drug Facts Week 2015 has begun. It will run from today, January 26th, to February 2nd.

National Drug Facts Week is an annual weeklong event to help young adults “shatter the myths” of drug abuse. This observance began in 2007 after much success of The National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Drug Facts Chat Day. During the chat day, young adults from around the country submitted questions about drugs and drug abuse, which were responded to by scientists and professionals. ┬áChat day is still held during the National Drug Facts Week each year. Chat Day this year will be held on Friday, January 30th.

Chat days are very helpful to young adults who may not understand drugs or drug abuse, or who may believe myths about this or the disease of addiction. Addiction and drug abuse is not often talked about, and when it is, it is not addressed correctly. Giving them a chance to ask real questions and receive real answers helps them understand drugs and encourages them to stay away.

Not only does National Drug Facts Week have a chat day, it also sponsors events all over the country. These events are anything from scavenger hunts to poster contests, bringing young adults together to learn about and prevent drug use.

To participate in Chat Day or one of these events, visit the National Institute on Drug Abuse website.