Caffeine in Recovery

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Caffeine in Recovery

Addicts in early recovery all ask the same question- “Do I really have to give up my morning cup of coffee?”

The answer- Yes. Not only your cup of coffee, but any other source of caffeine as well.

Caffeine is a stimulant that you can become dependent on. The more you drink it, the more your body craves it. And like any other addictive drugs, you can build up a tolerance and need to drink more. Now, caffeine is not as dangerous as other addictive drugs, like opioids, but it can become an issue.

Caffeine stimulates the Central Nervous System. It can make you feel more awake or alert. People often rely on caffeine to wake them up in the mornings or get them through their late nights. It does wake you up, but it can also have other effects. It can make you jittery, cause your heart to race or beat in an uneven rhythm, or even raise your blood pressure.

When an addict is in recovery, their body is constantly working on regulating and getting back to normal. Ingesting caffeine does not help this process. Help your body out and stay away from all sources of caffeine.