Does Alcohol Interfere With Your Medications?

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Does Alcohol Interfere With Your Medications?

Scientists from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recently completed a very important study on the interactions of medications with alcohol. This study is very important because 70 percent of Americans consume alcohol. Furthermore, 42 percent of Americans consume alcohol while taking a prescription medication.

Researchers looked at data from surveys through the National Health and Nutrition Examination that were done between 1999 and 2010. These surveys were completed by over 26,000 adults ages 20-65. The older the participant, the more medications he or she was taking. This was only due to the fact that the older the body gets, the higher the risk of developing a disease. The most popular medications throughout all ages were for high blood pressure or cholesterol, painkillers, diabetes medication, or sleeping medication.

These medications, especially painkillers and sleeping medications, have bad interactions with alcohol. When taken together, they can cause numerous side effects, like seizures, severe drowsiness, and blurred vision. People of older age will have extreme side effects because the alcohol does not metabolize as easily in an older body.

Physicians and pharmacists urge patients to check their medications for interactions with any type of substance. Better yet, avoid drinking and taking unneeded medications altogether.