Instant EtG Tests in Development

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Instant EtG Tests in Development

Most people believe breathalyzers or blood tests are the only way to find out if a person has consumed alcohol. They may also believe it is only possible to determine if a person has consumed the substance within the last few hours. However, there are other options. There are multiple ways to test if someone has consumed alcohol in time periods within the last few hours to the last few days.

One particular way to test for the consumption of alcohol within the last few days is through an EtG test. These test for the presence of Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) and allow for a longer window of detection. Because it is a urine test, it is not used as often as a breathalyzer test. That could change soon enough because of the instant EtG tests in development. The new instant devices allow doctors to test the urine quickly by putting a paper device in the urine that may or may not change colors depending on the presence of alcohol.

The EtG tests are most commonly used in places that do not tolerate alcohol at all, like halfway homes, treatment centers and certain professions. They are a good indicator if someone has been breaking the rules or trying to hide the fact that they have a problem.