Some Parents Unaware of E-Cigarette Dangers

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Some Parents Unaware of E-Cigarette Dangers

According to new research, many parents are not aware of the danger their e-cigarette fluids poses to their children. Parents who use e-cigarettes tend to have excess liquid in stock in their homes, but this liquid is often left unattended or in arms reach of a child. This is why thousands of children are being rushed to the emergency room and thousands of parents are calling poison control centers each year.

The research in the study, which was published in the journal Academic Pediatrics, was gathered from surveys completed by over 650 parents at pediatric clinics. The survey questioned them on their use and knowledge of e-cigarettes. The survey results showed that all parents were aware of the product and 1 in 8 said a close family member used the product frequently.

Of the parents or family members that used the product, about 36 percent of them did not lock up their liquid. Thirty-five percent of them left them in an accessible drawer or cabinet, and some even left them right on the counter. This leaves many opportunities for the children to either get the liquid on their skin or ingest it, both of which are dangerous.

Because the product is so new, parents are not aware of the dangers and therefore do not know how to store the liquid properly. Parents are advised to store the liquids out of reach of children or behind locked doors. To go one step further, childproof caps are available for purchase.