Heroin Detox, is it for you?

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Heroin Detox, is it for you?

The euphoric effects of heroin only last for so long. Eventually those with substance abuse disorder will face the pain of heroin withdrawal. Heroin withdrawal symptoms can occur as early as four hours after the last ingested dose. At this point, someone with substance use disorder has two options, look for their next fix, or begin heroin detox. It is not recommended for anyone to undergo heroin detox alone. Withdrawal symptoms last about a week and can range from mild, to moderate, and severe.

Post-Acute Withdrawal symptoms can last for up to a year after last dose due to the brains attempt to stabilize. Severe withdrawal symptoms include panic attacks, head and stomach aches, insomnia, paranoia, and high blood pressure. The most severe heroin detox withdrawal symptoms occur on days three through five on average. When experiencing the extreme discomfort of heroin detox, it is important to remember the pain is temporary.

Working through heroin detox in a medical facility is highly suggested. Services such as medication assisted treatment, acu-detox, and mental health checks can only be conducted when being supervised by a trained medical staff. Seabrook offers taper medications for those enduring heroin detox. Seabrook’s CARF accredited heroin detox staff administers Methadone to our patients experiencing the pains of heroin withdrawal. Part of our evidence based treatment plans often incorporate medication assisted treatment.

Patients who participate in Methadone treatment have much higher rates of preventing relapse. If attempting to endure heroin detox cold turkey at home, no professional care is available. If someone does not have a strong support system at home, vigilant and ready to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency; at home heroin detox can be deadly. While Methadone provides some relief for those suffering through heroin detox, it is not a final solution. Aside from physical; mental, emotional, and environmental factors need to be further addressed.

In addition to medical services; inpatient program benefits include nutrient balanced meals, holistic pain treatments, and a sober and supportive environment. Seabrook’s dietary team is dedicated to providing healthy meals to assist those working towards recovery. Heroin detox is extremely taxing on the body. Each day at Seabrook, patients have designated times to spend with our health and wellness department to discuss vitamin, mineral, and herb alternative pain relief methods. Addiction is a disease and needs to be treated as such. As addiction, treatment, and recovery are different for each person, Seabrook offers a wide variety of alternative coping skills to each and every patient. No two treatment plans are alike.

For someone seeking addiction treatment, the traditional treatment plan follows a natural progression from evaluation, detoxification, inpatient, to aftercare. While inpatient treatment offers patients the opportunity to completely focus their time and resources on obtaining sobriety, outpatient programs smooth the transition between residential treatment life to being weaned back into the real world. After heroin detox, patients should perform a self evaluation.

Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses will help someone confidently re-enter everyday life. Tough decisions may need to be made such as eliminating certain people and places from your life. Sobriety will be an active everyday decision someone with substance use disorder will need the strength to choose each morning.

Though our forty-acre campus is beautiful, our founder Jerome Diehl once said “this is not a country club in spite of what you see, it is addiction treatment”. Heroin detox is not a luxury, it is something everyone with substance abuse disorder deserves. Addiction does not define someone. A rough past does not cement a grim future. Recovery is possible for everyone, and much brighter days are ahead. Success is a lifetime of recovery.

If someone you love is in need of heroin detox, do not hesitate to reach out for help. For more than 44 years, we’ve been working with families to find the courage to recover from substance abuse, including heroin detox, chemical dependency and prescription medication abuse. Call today so we can work together to help you or someone you love: (888) 223-0298.