Amazon Will Deliver Alcohol to Your Door

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Amazon Will Deliver Alcohol to Your Door

Amazon Prime is jumping on the alcohol delivery service bandwagon. The company has started testing out its one-two hour delivery service in the state of Washington, the only state in which it has a liquor license.

With a prime membership, a customer can order any amount of alcohol and have it delivered in less than two hours. For just $7.99 more, it can be delivered within one hour. Although it is in testing stages at this point, Amazon is looking to expand to other states.

Like all other alcohol delivery services, this brings up many concerns. This service is potentially very dangerous, especially for people abusing alcohol and people underage. People with alcoholism can now feed into their addiction with the click of a mouse. This could potentially make it easier for customers to supply to underage children.

Amazon is not the only company offering alcohol delivery. There are many other companies in testing stage throughout the United States at this point. We could see an increase in popularity of this service in the near future if this works out.