National Recovery Month 2015

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National Recovery Month 2015

Every year, September is recognized as National Recovery Month. It is a month dedicated to educating the public and raising awareness on the issues of substance abuse and mental illness, which are both far too common yet stigmatized in the United States.

Each year, over 20 million people will use an illicit drug. Some of these people will become addicted and may spiral out of control, hurting themselves, their friends and their families throughout the process. This is happening to millions of people but is not being talked about and often these people are not getting help. National Recovery Month is working to change that.

This year’s theme is “Join the Voices for Recovery: Visible, Vocal, Valuable!” This theme highlights peer support in recovery and encourages others to be a voice in the recovery community by sharing their stories. It also recognizes the courage of those staying on their path to recovery.

You can get involved in this year’s National Recovery Month by attending a local event, sharing your story or simply educating those around you on these issues. Every bit of recognition and awareness raised on either substance abuse or mental illness will help destigmatize these topics.