Drugs Sold over Social Media

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Drugs Sold over Social Media

Drug dealers have a new way to get to their customers- through social media. Using code words, drugs like codeine and marijuana are sold through popular sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The dealers often post a picture of a particular drug on any of these sites, then hashtag it with the name of the drug and wait for people to search. They then either post a phone number in which people can order, or wait for the users to contact them. Once the drugs are ordered, they schedule a pick up or the dealer ships the drugs directly to the user’s doorstep.

Users are flocking towards this method of purchasing drugs because it is convenient. However, there are obvious dangers involved. For example, the users often do not know the dealers, and therefore could be purchasing drugs with harmful or synthetic chemicals.

You may be thinking, how can this be legal? It is legal to post a picture of drugs on social media. It only turns illegal once a transaction is made, which if done privately makes it difficult for police to catch.