Zohydro a New Addiction Pill on the Rise

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Zohydro a New Addiction Pill on the Rise

Just recently Addiction experts have been protesting a new and powerful opioid painkiller that was passed last month by the Food and Drug Administration. Many people believe this drug is just as addicting as OxyContin and fear it will be abused just as much as it. The most disturbing part about this new drug Zohydro is that it is being manufactured by the same company (Alkermes) that makes the popular medication called Vivitrol. Vivitrol is a medication that is used to treat patients who are addicted to painkillers and/or alcohol. For many critics Alkermes multiple roles in the world of painkillers are troubling and irresponsible. For some time now individuals have been speculating the financial link between the drug industries. They are manufacturing an addictive drug while at the same time they are producing a medication that is to help aid individuals off such drugs they are creating.

It seems all too suspicious that Alkermes has said they didn’t intentionally buy the drug Zohydro, they said when they purchased a small portion of the California based company Zogenix, Zohydro was part of the deal among other products. Although a few days after the drug was approved Altus, another drug manufacturing company said they would create a formulation of Zohydro that would be less likely to be abused. But, as we are learning the development of drug formations that are less prone to abuse can take years and are not always triumphant.

It can feel as though addiction is an uphill battle, with the winds blowing in your face. Even after countless efforts by Addiction Experts there seems to always be a loop hole in the Food and Drug Administration allowing more addictive drugs to be on the market. At Seabrook we are firm believers in teaching our guests about addiction and how to conquer its hold on us. We give our patients the skills and tools needed to live a healthy lifestyle. For more information please visit: www.seabrook.org. You’re only a click away from changing your life for the best!