You’re Done With Rehab, Now What?

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You’re Done With Rehab, Now What?

You finally made the decision to enter rehab, and made it through alive and a better, healthier, and happier person. But now you have to go back to ‘normal’ life, which seems scary. How do you continue in life without the one thing that used to consume you?

After exiting residential care, it is important to keep up with the steps by attending self-help meetings. This will give you a chance to unite with other people in recovery and help each other. Keeping in touch with your sponsor is also very important because they are someone you can always rely on when you are feeling down or are leaning towards relapsing.

If you really feel that you cannot live in the same environment you were in before, sober living may be right for you. Sober living is when multiple people in recovery all reside in the same household in order to keep away temptations and have a sense of community.

Remember, recovery can be challenging at times, especially right after completing rehab, but it is worth it.