Prom Night Often Ends With Binge Drinking

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Prom Night Often Ends With Binge Drinking

As we are in the midst of prom and graduation season, it is important for parents to talk to their high school children about drinking. It is a social norm that on these special nights, all students get together and party. Parents should educate their children on how alcohol affects the body and what consequences can come from drinking too much. They should also be aware of where their children are on prom or graduation night, in order to prevent alcohol consumption. Parents can be big influencers on whether or not their child engages in drinking.

Over fifty percent of teens who drink on these nights take part in binge drinking. This is when a male drinks five or more drinks in a two hour time period, or a female drinks four or more drinks in a two hour time period. When underage youths drink alcohol, they are more likely to binge drink because they either don’t know their limits or just want to become intoxicated. Many also take part in this because of peer pressure and wanting to fit in.

Alcohol consumption on these nights frequently lead to drunk driving. Through April and June of every year, which is peak prom season, a third of alcohol-related teen traffic fatalities occur. Many students are too afraid to call their parents after a night of drinking because they fear they will be punished. But the punishment for drinking and driving is much worse.

If parents allow open and honest communication in their households about drinking, especially during this time of the year, they can encourage their children to celebrate safely.