WWE Superstar Still Sober

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WWE Superstar Still Sober

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts was one of the most talented talkers in wrestling history. A more-than-adequate grappler, Roberts made up for what he lacked in flash and physique with a sharp tongue and knack for drawing in crowds. Roberts is one of the greatest legends not to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. A big reason why is his on-going battle with alcoholism and drug abuse. In the last few years, Roberts had reached out to others in the business for support. He’s moved in with Diamond Dallas Page, who has helped Roberts in his battle to reach sobriety. The Snake gave his fans an update on Twitter…254days coke free. 33 w out a drink! Moving forward.

Roberts’ fall from grace is one of the sadder stories in the last few decades of wrestling. During the 1980s, he was a fixture in the WWE and developed into a national icon. His name, along with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior, became a ubiquitous cultural reference among even non-wrestling fans. His feud with The Undertaker was particularly memorable, carrying his pet python Damien over his shoulders. It was a spectacle was wrestling fans craved the most over-the-top and theatrical parts of our favorite form of entertainment.

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