Wednesday Way to Celebrate Recovery

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Wednesday Way to Celebrate Recovery

Lots of ways to celebrate recovery this September! First thing is to make sure you connect with others at an event. Unsure of how to find a local event? Start with the SAMHSA website for a list of webinars, and other virtual ways to stay connected and celebrate. This year’s Recovery walk will be held virtual on September 12, 2020. Check out this link for more details PRO-ACT is also hosting a series of webinars on Wednesdays at 6:00pm. These events can teach you and your community about local recovery efforts, what else you can do to make your community recovery ready, and actively promote the benefits of recovery in real time.

The whole month of September is recovery month. What better way to celebrate then by sharing your personal story. Open up and talk about your journey. Sharing your story transforms your life as well as those around you. Your story is extremely powerful! Especially when someone who is struggling identifies and picture recovery for themselves after hearing it. So like they say sharing is caring!

Recovery month is to celebrate and demonstrate that recovery is possible. Unfortunately, some of our community members, loved loves, and neighbors can’t access treatment. You can help by donating to a recovery organization to help those receive the treatment they deserve.

In honor of recovery month, let’s celebrate and post our clean/sober dates and show everyone it works!!!

Just because it is the last day of September doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating recovery month. Celebrate today by focusing on all the good sobriety has brought to your life. Take time to write down or reflect on everything you have accomplished or have overcome to get to this point in your life.