Celebrate Connections this September’s Recovery Month

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Celebrate Connections this September’s Recovery Month

September is an important month for people in recovery and their connections. National Recovey Month shows strength, courage and hard work of addiction recovery. Speak up and stop the stigma. Help raise awareness about the benefits of prevention, treatment and recovery from mental and substance use disorders.

31 years ago the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) started National Recovery Month. Each September, tens of thousands of prevention, treatment and recovery programs and facilities from around the country celebrate the strides made in the recovery community. Nothing can stop celebrating, this year events are taking place differently, with social distancing, online celebrations and virtual walks.

The theme is, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connections,” Connections include families, friends and communities in recovery. Working together towards celebrating recovery and reducing the stigma associated with substance abuse disorder.

Get Involved
If you or someone you love is in recovery, you can easily join in. Visit RecoveryMonth.gov and check out their resources or follow the link to tell your story. In doing so, you’ll play an active role in helping to stop the stigma and increase awareness about mental and substance use disorders. 

Start Your Recovery Journey
If you are a professional, family member or friend of someone needing help for substance use disorder, please feel free to call any of our representatives for help and guidance, (888) 223-0298.