Toddlers Test Positive for Meth, Pot and Cocaine

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Toddlers Test Positive for Meth, Pot and Cocaine

In South Carolina, three adults are facing charges after they were found in a drug filled apartment with four children, all younger than 4. Deputies said they were called after a Department of Social Services worker found the children, 1, 2, 3 and 4 years old, in an apartment described as in “deplorable condition.” Deputies said there was no bedding for the children and barely any food.

Investigators said the three adults who were with the children, all tested positive for illegal drugs and the children were removed from the home and placed with a great-grandmother.

According to a police report, the children were also drug tested and three tested positive for cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. The parents were charged with unlawful neglect of children.

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