Synthetic Drugs Being Shipped in from China

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Synthetic Drugs Being Shipped in from China

Synthetic drugs are continually coming into the United States from multiple manufacturers in China. These synthetic drugs, similar to those like Flakka, are being sold all over the United States. The authorities are attempting to subdue the problem, but it is near impossible when there is so much of it coming into the country.

By simply typing phrases like ‘Chinese Drugs’ into Google, one is overcome with links to sales of synthetic drugs. Many of these websites are offering free samples to users to help get them hooked, and then charge a hefty $1,500 for their next supply. However, this $1,500 of drugs is easily sold as $50,000 once it gets into the U.S., which is increasing drug sales.

The drugs are able to be manufactured in China as ‘research chemicals.’ They then are shipped to the United States with very ambiguous labels like ‘shampoo’ or ‘cleaner.’ Some agents don’t suspect a thing when they see this. When it is recognized, the package is seized. But this doesn’t stop it from getting passed security. The websites guarantee a new shipment even if the first one is seized.

Chinese authorities have arrested more than 133,000 people in relation to the creation of these drugs. They have also seized over 43 tons of narcotics. This number may sound high, but it is just a small amount compared to what is being created.

Both Chinese and United States officials are continuing to work on banning these synthetic drugs.