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Alcohol Delivery Services

It’s a concept that has been years in the making but only recently came to be- home alcohol delivery. Alcohol delivery services are popping up in major cities around the United States. These services allow a customer to place an order of an alcohol of their choice and have it delivered to their home, just like ordering a pizza. However, alcohol is not as innocent as take out.

These services must have a state license to operate and serve alcohol, and they also must have all customers sign a receipt stating they are not under the legal drinking age. This brings up the issue of teenagers signing for their parents or legal-aged friends and consuming the alcohol themselves. Underage drinking is already a major problem is the United States and could be exasperated by services like this.

These delivery services claim to be helping people drink responsibly and avoid drunk driving. But the idea of having unlimited alcohol delivered right to your doorstep can become dangerous. It gives those with alcoholism an easier way to get more and more alcohol, only furthering their problem.

Alcohol delivery businesses are new and being monitored by the states in which they operate.  Experts say not to worry too much because the services may not last.