Synthetic Drug Leads to a Crime Rampage

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Synthetic Drug Leads to a Crime Rampage

In Tampa, FL Charlie Bates, a man who muscles his way into three apartments near the University of Florida three months ago, sexually assaulted four students and terrorized dozens of other, was under the influence of methylone, a synthetic drug common on bath salts that can unhinge the user from reality. After being chased down and killed during a shootout in Tampa, the autopsy showed extremely high levels of methylone in Bate’s body, according to Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office. “The levels in his system were the same as other people who have actually died from that drug; it was a significantly high level.” Methylone has been noted to result in some pretty bizarre behavior, hallucination, agitation and seizures. The compound is a common ingredient in a number of bath salt products, which some users ingest to get high. Bath salts have led to numerous instances of psychotic episodes across the country in recent years.

Law enforcement and local governments have been working to stay one step ahead of manufactures, who often tweak the ingredients in bath salts in an attempt to avoid prosecution. “Methylone is a stimulant that elevates the heart rate and body temperature and can result in bizarre behavior; comparing its effects to cocaine and methamphetamine,” says Julia Pearson, the Chief Forensic Toxicologist. This being said; is the reason for Bate’s reign of terror and ultimately which caused his fate during the police shootout, costing him his life.

With new drugs hatching all over America and how readily available they are to people is outstanding. In most cases people are not aware of the cause and effects that these substances will ultimately make on their lives. If you or someone you know is in danger of losing their life and mind due to a substance dependence, seek out treatment. Here at Seabrook, we have a high percentage rate of patients successfully obtaining sobriety and living a healthy life, they thought they could only dream about. For more information regarding our various treatment options please visit our website: