Dark World of Drug Abuse

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Dark World of Drug Abuse

In Carbon County the substance abuse is alive and thriving, the demonstrated promise of complete destruction for addicts as well as anyone close to them does little to stop the onset of use. Despite efforts of law enforcement, the criminal court system and treatment professionals, those who stand against the endless supply of dope reaching the community resemble lonely sentries of trying to stop an invasion. For the month of December, the Sun Advocate is running a series of articles showing just how dangerous the substance abuse situation is in Carbon County. The articles will show the barriers that keep treatment difficult and ineffective, show the cost of incarceration and its failure to reduce criminal drug activity and try to bring light to the pain addict’s experience who get caught in the web of drug use.

Statistics show that Utah State Medical examiner has confirmed 24 drug overdoses in 2013 alone, and the year isn’t even over yet. According to records, individuals tend to kill themselves more often during the holiday season than any other time of year. In addition to the drug related deaths, there have been 18 confirmed suicides during the same period. This number seems to be increasing; and raising the self-inflicted deaths to 42 this year. According to a poly-substance abusing addict who sells just enough to keep his habit alive without working, has said he sells to clients of every class. From rich kids to working middle class users to those who must steal to support their habit; substance dependence comes in all shapes and sizes. To this day the most popular drug of choice is heroin in Carbon County, officials say this, “You know when somebody is abusing their prescription medications pill, they know what they’re getting, and they know how much they’ve done. With heroin it’s a Russian roulette every time, and it’s our friends, family and loved ones who are paying the price.”

There is always help available to those who know it’s time to stop using the dangerous substances that have cost them their lives. With many different treatment options offered at Seabrook like the Residential Treatment in which you stay for a 28 to 35 day program, during this time you address your battle and come to terms that you are helpless over your addiction. Through a series of programs offered at Seabrook you will develop the skills and knowledge to live a successful sober and healthy life style. For more information about our services, please visit: www.seabrook.org.