Students Create Fingerprint Pill Dispenser

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Students Create Fingerprint Pill Dispenser

Four recent graduates of Johns Hopkins University have created a pill dispensing prototype that could help curb drug abuse. The graduates spent their entire senior year working on the product and unveiled it at the recent senior design day.

The dispenser is a tube-like object with a timer and finger print device. Only the patient the medication was prescribed to can access the pills, and the timer makes sure they are only released at the correct dosage times. This means that people cannot misuse or give away the medication. The dispenser is also unbreakable. It is made out of tamper-resistant steel material that not even a drill can destroy.

The students saw that there was a need for this product, since the current pill dispensers do not have secure features. They saw that addiction was on the rise and wanted to do something to combat it. The product is currently a prototype but the team hopes that it eventually goes out on the market.