Safe Ways to Dispose of Prescription Medication

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Safe Ways to Dispose of Prescription Medication

Thousands of Americans have unused or expired prescription medication sitting in their medicine cabinets. This leaves children and addicts with easy access to pills that can be very dangerous. It is important to dispose of your unused prescription medications regularly to avoid any danger.

Over 40 percent of Americans just flush their unused medications down the toilet. However, this is not a safe option. There are alternatives that are just as simple. One option is throwing the medications away in a specific way. The medications first must be taken out of the bottle with the patients’ personal information labeled on it. Then the medications should be mixed with a substance that would not be appealing to children or animals, like coffee grounds. Once it is mixed, the mixture should be put in a sealable bag within another trash bag.

Another option is to dispose of the medications at a public drug disposal facility. There are hundreds across the United States and are becoming more popular. To find one near you, visit the DEA website. Before choosing a disposal method, check the prescriptions directions to see what they advise.