Prom Night and Alcohol Use

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Prom Night and Alcohol Use

As prom season gets underway, parents begin to worry about the safety of their children on this special night. It is common knowledge that parties are held after the school sponsored prom event. And these after parties, more often than not, involve alcohol.

Over 90 percent of teens believe that their peers will drink and drive on the night of the prom. Over 50 percent of these teens will have had four or more drinks on this night. This is a high amount of alcohol that would make driving carefully impossible. Drinking and driving on prom night contributes to the 5,000 teens each year that die from underage drinking.

There are alternatives to drinking on prom night. Many schools sponsor their own after party event in hopes of combating the alcohol driven parties thrown by the teens. Sometimes local businesses stay open later as well to give the students another way to celebrate.

What is most important is for parents to encourage their children to be safe on prom night, and to keep a watchful eye on their plans.