Have a Safe and Sober New Year’s Eve

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Have a Safe and Sober New Year’s Eve

As National Impaired Driving Prevention Month comes to an end, we should not forget the importance of driving sober. Tonight of all nights, you should be aware of how drugs and alcohol could affect your driving. New Year’s Eve is the second biggest impaired driving night of the year. Approximately 42 percent of accidents that occur on New Year’s Eve are caused by an impaired driver. Please plan your night out accordingly in order to reduce the risk of being in a potentially fatal accident.

There are sober alternatives for New Year’s Eve. This holiday does not have to involve drugs or alcohol for it to be a good time. Some fun sober New Year’s Eve ideas include:

  1. ‘Sober Parties’- These parties are typically hosted by recovery centers. They provide a safe and sober place for you and your other friends in recovery to bring in the new year. They do not involve any type of drugs or alcohol.
  2. Movie Night- Why not cuddle up on the couch with your significant other, or friends, and have a movie marathon? You can make lots of popcorn, buy a bunch of candy and rent some new releases. It doesn’t even involve getting out of your PJs!
  3. Go Out To Dinner & Watch The Ball Drop- Who says you have to stay in the whole night? You can still go out and enjoy a nice celebratory dinner (sans alcohol) and then come home and watch the ball drop in Times Square.
  4. Host a Game Night- You can invite your sober friends, have some good food and non alcohol drinks, and play some fun board games.
  5. Treat It Like A Normal Day- If you are in early recovery, or just feel it may be too much, just skip New Year’s Eve. Go to bed at your normal time and act like it’s just another night.