New Year, New You

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New Year, New You

It’s officially a new year- 2015. You have a clean slate and a full year to make the rest of your life better. Now is the perfect time to evaluate your life and see what you want to change. Make some new year’s resolutions to better yourself and stick to them.

Now is also a good time to analyze your drug and alcohol use. You probably overindulged during the holidays, and things may have gotten out of hand. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you often find yourself relying on drugs or alcohol to get through the day?

Can you not start your morning without drinking or using?

Does your drug and alcohol use affect your life (including your family, job and other responsibilities)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a drug or alcohol problem.

The new year is the time to get a fresh start. If you feel you have a drug or alcohol problem, it may be in your best interest to enter into rehab so you can detox and begin your road to recovery. Seabrook can be the perfect place to do that. Call us at any time for more information about our facility at (888) 223-0298.