Rocker Opens Up About His Recovery

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Rocker Opens Up About His Recovery

Guitarist, Mike Pike form 90’s band, Sleep and his current group, High on Fire talks openly and honestly about his addiction and recovery. His band experienced a setback last summer when a stint in rehab for Pike forced High on Fire to cancel their tour. Now the band is back on tour, but Pike opens up about how things will be different this time. Pike explained that when he went into rehab he had to face some physical addictions he’s had for a really long time. He was on and off the road constantly for 24 years, since he was 20 years old. He develop habits, and along the way He gotten injuries. He admitted to always being a drinker, and always leaned towards the drinking side, even as a pothead. His rock star life led to more drinking, and less pot. He knows he was always a really social person and into partying, and developed physical addictions that he needed rehab to help overcome. He learned, while in treatment that he had to get control of his mind and go to other people leading a sober lifestyle and talk to them to get advice. He felt that relapses were inevitable, but he wanted to have all the support he could to keep that from happening.

The guitarist admitted that he is bipolar, so self-medication is an issue. He stresses the importance of taking it one day at a time — just keep himself away from the party. He said these are issues he has to stop his brain from following through on. He continue to say that what keeps you sober is having those few people you can talk to who understand where you’re coming from; other people who have had worse addictions than you who do the same thing and have been sober for up to 20 years. Those people have good advice. The musician added that he has to do all those things and attend AA meetings.

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