Leaving the State, Does Not Help You Escape the Heroin Problem

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Leaving the State, Does Not Help You Escape the Heroin Problem

One man was so fed up seeing the rampant use of hard drugs by his friends and acquaintances in Wisconsin that he packed up his stuff, moved his business and headed to Michigan.  That did not help him escape the drug problem. Recently one of his new friends dies of a heroin overdose.

The man believes that maybe our only hope is the government will step in and create special legislation to combat the heroin problem. A handful of Wisconsin lawmakers agreed that some legislation probably is needed to address the issue. But they want to move cautiously. Heroin overdose deaths rose 50 percent in Wisconsin last year to at least 199 as the drug spread from the inner city to suburbs and rural areas.

Heroin-related arrests and drug seizures have surged in recent years, and that an anti-overdose drug helped save thousands of users from potentially fatal overdoses in 2012 alone. The Assembly and Senate set up a six-member task force in each of the state’s 72 counties to hash out ideas to combat heroin and other drugs. The plan also calls for a $20 surcharge to be added to each criminal conviction in the state, to help pay for existing drug prevention programs.

There are options out there that allow you to continue to work or go to school when receiving treatment.  Seabrook offers distinct IOP services for those clients currently enrolled in a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program, such as buprenorphine maintenance. We recognize the lack of quality services available for this exploding population and want to be a support to local physicians and other outpatient programs. These services are provided in a separate group setting from all other patients.

All programs are supervised by  Director of Outpatient Services, Ann Marie Bescherer, PhD, MBA, LCADC, LPC, NCC. All clinical services are staffed with highly credentialed, licensed staff with many years experience in the addiction treatment field.