Police on the Front Lines of Addiction

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Police on the Front Lines of Addiction

Police see first hand the devastation heroin wreaks in a person’s life. Police everywhere can share stories of the turmoil addiction causes. In Lower Fredrick a police officer shares a story about a woman that was arrested and charged after she had driven to a neighboring community to score heroin and couldn’t wait to shoot up until she was back home. She was shooting up while driving and flipped her car. She narrowly avoided hitting others on the road. Another officer reported finding a man that overdosed three times and was brought back to life and still won’t stop using.

The strength of the addiction’s hold on those who use heroin or abuse opiate drugs causes many to turn to stealing from others to feed their habit. Police also report that about 90 to 95 percent of serial burglars are related to heroin, and opiate addiction. Burglars will take jewelry, cash and anything they can sell. They will also look for any prescription drugs in the house that they can use or trade for other drugs. The theft of metals like copper from power substations has also been linked to addicts because resale offers quick cash.

Police caseloads are increasing due to increasing drug use in the suburbs. The high number of addicts with diseases like hepatitis are also a risk to his officers’ safety.
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