Meth use is down, but heroin use is up

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Meth use is down, but heroin use is up

In Missouri the report that meth use has gone down should be good news, but it is not because a new study shows heroin and opiates use are on the rise. More than 25% of all the people admitted into drug treatment facilities in Missouri admit to being addicted to those substances.

Since 2006, heroin and opiate use have seen a dramatic increase. It seems that more kids are doing opiates because they can get into parents prescriptions. These drugs are very addictive, and expensive. When the money gets tight to buy illegal prescription drugs, so many people turn to heroin as the cheaper alternative.

The study in Missouri found marijuana to be the most common drug people are in treatment for followed by heroin and opiates. Meth makes up 19 percent of all admissions and cocaine is 13 percent.

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