Pill to Overcome Gambling

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Pill to Overcome Gambling

University of Chicago Psychiatry Professor Dr. John Grant says an all natural vitamin found at most health foods stores is showing promise as the basis for a anti gambling addiction pill. Grant has studied the brain of addicts and found that when people become hooked on gambling there are parts of the brain that are over taken. These parts of the brain involve the way that we make decisions, the way that we process risk and reward. He believes that there is a natural reward center in the brain that gets very revved up. Once it gets hooked on something, it keeps kind of saying to keep doing it.

The natural vitamin called N-acetyl cysteine has been shown to quiet that part of the brain. The university recently did a study sponsored by the National Institute of Health looking and it seems to helps majority of the people they studied.

There is no cure for the disease of addiction, but maybe further research could help someday find ways help combat addiction and help recovery thrive. Until that day, it is important to do your research on treatment facilities and find one that will best meet your needs. Visit www.seabrook.org for information on our programs and staff.