Natural Approaches To Help Insomnia

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Natural Approaches To Help Insomnia

Insomnia is a very uncomfortable condition in which a person is unable to sleep comfortably through the night. It is also unfortunately a big part of early recovery. Because of prolonged drug and/or alcohol use, the body has less melatonin, and therefore does not know a proper sleep schedule. But, there is hope. It is possible to increase comfort and decrease symptoms of insomnia.

There are a few different natural approaches to helping insomnia. It is suggested to avoid drinking caffeinated drinks, particularly later in the day. Stick to decaf coffee, soda, and tea. However, a decaffeinated tea that is very good to drink before bed to help sleep is chamomile tea. It has been shown to be very relaxing and eases people to sleep.

It is also recommended to develop a strict sleeping schedule. This means going to bed around the same time each night, waking up the same time each morning, and avoiding naps throughout the day. This will help your body’s natural clock. But, if you are lying in bed during this sleeping schedule and can’t sleep, move to the couch or a chair. You do not want your bed to become a place you associate lying awake with.

Finally, many people find practicing yoga or mediation before bed puts them in a relaxed state and helps them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Of course, there is a different route of taking prescribed meditation to help improve sleep, but this is not recommended to those in recovery.