Let’s Stop the Sales of Powdered Alcohol

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Let’s Stop the Sales of Powdered Alcohol

We’ve seen all sorts of trends the past few months of different ways to get alcohol into the bloodstream. There has been vaporized alcohol, alcohol enemas, and now powdered alcohol. What is powdered alcohol and why is it gaining attention?

Powdered alcohol is as simple as it sounds- alcohol in powder form. It is marketed as an ‘on the go’ product, so people can just stick it in their pockets or bags, take it out and mix with water when they feel the need to drink. Last year, a powdered alcohol product called ‘Palcohol’ tried to get approval to be sold in liquor stores. This was shot down, and for good reason.

Using powdered alcohol can be tricky. Because it is in powdered form, it is hard to tell how much alcohol is actually going into your body. This can lead to drinking amounts high above the legal limit and even higher than what your body can tolerate. It would be particularly dangerous if underage teens got their hands on it because teens tend to drink more alcohol than adults when they have access.

Powdered alcohol is once again gaining attention, but this time it’s because people are trying to stop stores from potentially selling it. Just this week, the Pennsylvania Liquor Board rejected selling the product, and many states are predicted to follow suit.