Lohan Could Benefit from Extended Care

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Lohan Could Benefit from Extended Care

Lindsay Lohan was originally ordered to receive treatment for a total of 90 days. However, the folks at Cliffside Malibu believe the actress could require a little extra time at the facility if she truly wants to recover from her problems. Cliffside CEO Richard Taite explained that certain celebrities who spend quite a bit of time in rehabilitation facilities often suffer become “treatment resistant.” Sometimes this requires a little more work to overcome. He believes that celebrities who have been classified as treatment resistant have come to believe that they are in every way special, and as such, the rules of life and recovery do not apply to them.

The Cliffside Malibu CEO said anyone, can become resistant to treatment. However, the condition seems to afflict celebrities more than anyone else. It is a belief that you are so special, that you’ll literally kill yourself before you “submit” to the process that it takes to find true recovery. Celebrities are particularly prone to this problem as they are constantly catered to.

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