Desperate Addict and Desperate Family

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Desperate Addict and Desperate Family

One afternoon a 64-year old mother waited for her 34 year-old son to pick her up after work. Instead of taking her home, he chose to kidnap her and hold her hostage over $20. The money was to pay off a drug debt. The mother, that has been driven into debt, and can no longer afford to retire had enough and refused to give him anymore money. The mother yelled, and begged, for help. She rolled down the window and screamed for help. She even tried to get out and he dragged her back into the car. After about two hours the gave up and took her home.

The mother finally did what she had to do and went to the police. The son was found and charged with kidnapping. He was soon jailed under a $75,000 bond. The son had been “in and out” of drug treatment, drug rehabilitation, and halfway houses for years since starting to use drugs as a young teenager.

When a family member is an addict it isn’t just the person addicted that needs help. Family members should see care too. The Family Department at Seabrook offers a wide range of services to families who are struggling with addiction. Our staff of professionals has extensive experience in working with families. While our approach is couched in family systems theory, we connect with families through compassion and understanding. We even have the facilities and guidance to help you plan an Intervention.

The Family Matrix Program is a three day family experience that allows families to begin to heal and strengthen the family bonds strained by addiction. The Family Matrix Program commences the exploration of family dynamics in a group setting that creates a sense of safety and acceptance that is vital to the family healing. Topics such as enabling and boundaries are explored in depth as well as the latest medical information regarding addiction. Once families have a clear understanding of their relationship with the addicted person they are then able to see where they are powerless and, more important, where they do have power. In other words, family members are able to reclaim the family from the hijacking of addiction and restore a sense of hope as the miracle of recovery is revealed. Through the use of vision boards and mindfulness techniques, family members are able to solidify this experience by identifying common family goals that can propel the family forward into a new family spirit. For more information about Seabrook’s family programs or to schedule appointment please call Carol Dallago at 856-455-7575, ext 1158.