Jersey Man Shares Truth about History of Drugs in the Suburbs

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Jersey Man Shares Truth about History of Drugs in the Suburbs

Although heroin addiction in Morris and upper Passaic counties of New Jersey may seem to be a recent problem, one former addict who has been clean for at least 30 years says abuse of the deadly opiate in suburbia goes back decades. Back when this 61-year-old was just a teen, he said, “heroin was a new drug just coming into our neighborhoods. It was not as abundant as it is now,” but it was luring residents from Wayne and Pequannock even then.

Today, he is working on a master’s degree in addiction counseling with the goal of helping others to kick the habit, expanding upon work he already does with veterans in East Orange. As he looks at those in this generation struggling to get free of heroin, this sober man sees a need for treatment centers that will assist the addict longer than the standard 30 days.He touched upon a concern voiced by Ringwood/Wanaque area residents after several drug-suspected deaths when he said that winning the fight against heroin will take more centers for long-term treatment and the funding for them.

Thirty days in treatment – a typical insurance-allowed stay – is “nothing,” he said, in that it’s too short to get addicts back on a sober path. In November 1983 Bob got clean. He went to prison.

Losing his freedom (for drug-related crimes) was one of the best things that happened to him – he finally said. He credits the Narcotics Anonymous 12-step program for the support he needed to stay clean. He recommends the program, which is available free in over 60 countries, for those battling addiction.

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