It’s Time to Say Goodbye

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It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist

Goodbyes are never easy. Even in the best of situations, saying farewell can be hard. My drugs and I were best friends, we went everywhere together and it was a rather intimate relationship. However, it did not take long for my family to intervene to tell me it was time to say goodbye to my drugs once and for all. This goodbye felt like the hardest one of my life.

Some say “distance makes the heart grow fonder,” however it did not seem that way in this case. When I finally put down the drugs and began a life in recovery working the 12 steps, my heart did NOT grow fonder! I actually realized how much better my life was without the drug and how much more I could excel in life! When I let go and said farewell to the drugs and that life style I invited something miraculous into my world. Instead of a drug being my best friend I established real friendships with people who cared about me and did things without expecting anything in return. It was a life beyond my wildest dreams! So do not be afraid to say goodbye this time, it’s for the best!