In Utah Drug Court People are Overcoming Addiction

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In Utah Drug Court People are Overcoming Addiction

Millions of people visit websites featuring victims of drug addiction, showing the dangers of substance abuse. But there are some drug addicts whose photos show a more positive picture. In Utah, many of those pictures are taken after an addict completes Drug Court, one of the biggest hurdles on the path to sobriety. Those “before” mugshots serve as a reminder of who they never want to be again.

Drug Court is a court-sponsored program in Utah that tries to reverse the downward spiral and celebrates former addicts’ sobriety. It was created in 1996 after prosecutors and judges saw a dramatic rise in drug-related arrests and convictions. They determined that unless substance abuse ends, fines and jail time are unlikely to prevent future criminal activity. A local judge believes that jail doesn’t rehabilitate people and that they need treatment. He knows treatment is cheaper that prison.

Most addicts who go through Drug Court credit the program with saving their lives.
On average, the judges say more than 70 percent of those who graduate from Drug Court stay clean and out of the criminal justice system

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