Columbia Hopes Pot Will Cure Harder Drug Addicts

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Columbia Hopes Pot Will Cure Harder Drug Addicts

Marijuana has been accused of being a gateway drug to other substances, but in Columbia, people are thinking that it might also lead people away from hard drugs.

In Columbia, they are working on a controversial public health project where they will supply marijuana to 300 addicts of bazuco — a cheap cocaine derivative that generates crack-like highs and is as addictive as heroin. Many of the areas homeless are addicted to the substance and are often driven to panhandling and crime to support their habit.

Authorities believe that by supplying addicts with quality-controlled medical marijuana with a high THC content and that is specifically selected to relieve the anxiety that comes with kicking bazuco, they might be able to save their lives. The idea is controversial and critics have accused the government of being an enabler.

Those involved with the program report that most medical professionals think of drug cessation as the only answer and they say that the project is not aimed at getting people to quit using. They are simply trying to get people to quit a substance that is very, very damaging and transition to something less dangerous and which will allow them to function in society.
Marijuana has already been used as a hard-drug alternative in Canada, Brazil and Jamaica, and in a 2002 study of Jamaican crack users found that of 14 women who gave up the drug, 13 attributed their success to using marijuana.

Marijuana has been getting most of the attention but officials say it is just part of the equation. Addicts will also be receiving counseling, job training, emergency shelter and other services that are already part of the city’s social safety net.

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