How Did Cinco de Mayo Become Drinko de Mayo?

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How Did Cinco de Mayo Become Drinko de Mayo?

Over the years, Cinco de Mayo has transformed from a day of celebrating the Mexican army to a day of drinking margaritas. It is among the top five drinking holidays in the United States, with 35 percent of accidents involving a drunk driver with the BAC level of .15 or above. How did this change occur?

After the holiday began to catch on, cities just under the Mexican border used it to boost tourism. They invited Americans over the border to celebrate Cinco de Mayo where it originated. The partying began in Mexico, but soon trickled into the Southern states, and finally across the country. Alcohol marketers jumped on board with this as a way to promote their tequila and margarita mix. It soon became a major drinking holiday.

The holiday doesn’t have to be all about drinking. Volunteer groups across the country are trying to turn the holiday back to one of history. There are many sober parties across the U.S. that would be a perfect way for those in recovery to enjoy themselves. Check the calendars of your local community center for alcohol free Cinco de Mayo celebrations.