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Great News About Gratitude!

Learning to be grateful is a great recovery tool. Having an attitude of gratitude can help ensure that sobriety remains something worth fighting for. Plus, it’s been study-proven to improve sleep, self-esteem and willpower and to reduce stress and pain. Now, according to a new study by researchers from University of Montana, expressing gratefulness to loved ones may also enhance our social connectedness.

The authors argue that gratitude can have short-term as well as long-term affects on both your personal wellbeing and relationships – “up to six months after a deliberate expression to one’s partner.”

The theory is that we can boost our relationships and mental state by expressing gratitude to our partners on a regular basis. And just like a muscle, gratitude can be trained and strengthened by practicing it every day.

  • Say thank-you for something specific your loved one did for you and explain how it made a difference in your life. And remember to look that person in the eye when expressing gratitude.
  • Compliment someone you love on a talent, skill or strength that you admire.
  • Perform little acts of kindness – like cleaning up after dinner.
  • Take a minute and give your loved one a long, meaningful hug.
  • Volunteer to do something you know your loved one dislikes, like cleaning out a junk drawer or emptying the dishwasher.
  • Let someone you love know that you are there for him or her and offer your full attention. In other words, put down that smartphone when you’re talking.
  • Encourage your loved one to try something new that you can both do together.
  • Send a text or leave a little love note that says something like, “Thank you for being you.”

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