Fraternity Members Not Swayed by Intervention

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Fraternity Members Not Swayed by Intervention

The reputation of the Greek college system of fraternities and sororities is seen as full of partying and drinking. Studies have shown that the members of these organizations tend to drink more than non-Greek college students and at times encourage binge drinking. A particular study published in the journal Health Psychology confirms that they do drink more than the average student, and are not affected by interventions to stop their alcohol abuse.

The researchers on the published study analyzed over 15 previous studies involving over 20 interventions attempting to halt alcohol consumption. The interventions were conducted on 6,026 participants of the Greek system, both men and women. Through this research, they found that there was not a large difference in alcohol consumption amounts between those who received interventions and those who did not.

These results were surprising to the researchers as previous research has found that these interventions can be successful on non-Greek college students.  However, the fraternity and sorority members do live in a different environment than the typical student and are therefore influenced in different ways.