Dry Bars: A New and Welcomed Trend

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Dry Bars: A New and Welcomed Trend

Dry bars are an evolving trend that is sure to be loved by the recovery community. A dry bar is an alcohol free bar that offers tasty, non-alcoholic drinks to those looking to stay sober but still go out and have a good time. They often begin as ‘pop up’ dry bars, which means regular bars put away all alcohol for a night and invite recovering alcoholics to come and hang out. Although these are only one night occurrences here and there, there are a few major cities that are opening up full dry bars, open every day of the week.

These places give recovering alcoholics a sanctuary and a no pressure place to socialize. Often when recovering alcoholics go out with friends, they may have to go places they are uncomfortable with, like regular bars. But these places are temptation free. Those in recovery can connect with others, make friends, and form relationships.

Dry bars are not just for recovering alcoholics. They are open to anyone that wants a tasty drink sans alcohol. All are welcome at these locations.