Drug Dealer Killed and Dismembered in Kentucky

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Drug Dealer Killed and Dismembered in Kentucky

Drug Dealer Killed and Dismembered in Kentucky

Three men have been charged recently in Kentucky after a gruesome incident in which a local drug dealer was killed and brutally dismembered. The drug dealer was only 19. He had been convicted of selling heroin last year in Kentucky. Authorities stated that the three men who killed him were trying to “rid the world of evil,” but that they weren’t sure what that meant.

Though it isn’t clear that drugs were the direct cause of this young man’s death, they’re almost certainly involved. Whatever the thing was that set these three men on a track of murder, it is certainly true that illegal drugs set this young man’s life on a dangerous track. And this is true whether the drug in question is heroin, like in this case, or marijuana, crack, cocaine, PCP, meth, or even prescription drugs. If you have a problem with drugs, you’re surely putting your own life in danger, and possible your family or friends too.

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