Crime is Up in South Dakota, Drugs Addiction to Blame

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Crime is Up in South Dakota, Drugs Addiction to Blame

Law enforcement in South Dakota reported a 13 percent increase in significant crimes in 2012 compared to the year before. The reason is largely because the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Drug crimes were up 19 percent and drug arrests 14 percent. The report also found that the number of significant crimes thought to have been committed by people using drugs or alcohol was up 30 percent.

The emergence of synthetic marijuana was partly to blame for the increases, but agents also seized a large amount of methamphetamine last year. The state’s new program for monitoring prescription drug abuse also led to more arrests. Since federal agents shut down two Sioux Falls stores that sold synthetic marijuana last summer and prosecutors went after the operators, supply of the drug has all but dried up. South Dakota saw major increases in more serious crimes. While the number of crimes classified as murders or non-negligent manslaughters held steady at 15, forcible rape was up 21 percent. Prosecutors are eager to see how the state’s new criminal justice initiative plays out. The Legislature agreed to expand drug courts and intensive probation, while limiting penalties for low-level felons; the law goes into effect next week.

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