Could Tetris Reduce Drug Cravings?

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Could Tetris Reduce Drug Cravings?

A new and innovate study published in Addictive Behavior finds that playing a computer game could block cravings for drugs.

Psychologists from Plymouth University and Queensland University of Technology in Australia wanted to study addicts outside of a libratory to see how different unique techniques helped manage their cravings. One of these techniques included having the participants play the game Tetris during random times throughout the day. The study participants included 31 undergraduate students between the ages of 18 and 27. They were observed over a seven day period.

The participants were affected by a variety of addictions, including drugs, alcohol, food and videogames. Researchers found that these cravings were reduced between 50 and 70 percent due to playing Tetris. They believe this occurred because the game is very visual and kept their mind occupied so the addicts could focus on something other than the cravings.

While some may believe this is a very far-fetched technique, it is definitely original and interesting.