Wisconsin is Fighting the Drug Crisis

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Wisconsin is Fighting the Drug Crisis

Members of the Wisconsin Assembly gathered to discuss and debate the best ways to combat the growing heroin crisis in Dodge and Jefferson counties. The current heroin issues have stemmed from a wider epidemic of pill addiction in Wisconsin. Pills like oxycodone and oxycontin are prescribed at astronomical amounts in Wisconsin. Overprescribing pain medication is something that doctors across the area struggle with. Many of the gathered panelists said there needs to be more treatment resources available for people who are addicted and want to turn their lives around.

Most people in law enforcement will say they are not the solution. Police are dealing with people who are selling the drug, but most users will not find themselves before a court. Ten percent of the population in the state has substance abuse issues and 2 percent of opiate addicts die every year, are three times as likely to commit suicide and shorten their lives by an average of 20 years.

Until the government can find a solution to get the drug off the streets and away from those who are misusing them, we will always have people die from the abuse. Seabrook wants to save your life, and offer you hope. Please call us today at (888) 223-0298 and begin the road to recovery.