What is ‘Dabbing?’

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What is ‘Dabbing?’

‘Dabbing,’ a drug trend that involves inhaling marijuana vapors, is rising in popularity yet again. This trend was popular years ago, but like most others, fizzled out fast. What makes Dabbing unique and much more dangerous is that the vapors users are inhaling are not from regular marijuana. These vapors are extracted using butane hash oil extracts which leads to a higher concentration of THC.

This trend is occurring for a multitude of reasons. Dabbing is growing because marijuana is more easily, and legally, accessible to people. And in the states where medical marijuana is prescribed, the butane hash oil is legally sold.

Users smoke these products with the use of hookahs, e-cigarettes and other vaping products. Dabbing is considered more dangerous than using regular marijuana because of its high potency. The higher the THC, the stronger the effect. This leads to a greater chance of addiction and worse withdrawal symptoms.

It is also dangerous to make the product in the first place. The extraction can lead to explosions and fires. Multiple incidents have been reported to police in relation to fires from this drug.